What is a Urologist?

The physician specialized in Urology that deals with diagnosing and treating diseases or disorder in the urinary tract are termed as Urologist. Besides treating urinary tract organs like kidneys, urinary bladder, adrenal glands, and others, the urologists provide treatment for infections in the reproductive tract as well.

What are the problems treated by a Urologist?

Urologists can fix urinary system disorders in kids, men and women.

In men, a urologist can provide treatments to cure afflicts like:

Urinary problems in women treated by urologists include:

Do the urologists perform surgery?

Yes. They can handle certain surgical procedures like removing the block in the urinary tract, removing cancer tumors in the kidney, bladder, and prostate.

Why should you visit a Urologist?

Untreated infections or disorders in the urinary tract will cause serious problems like kidney damage. It is much better to get tested by a urologist for problems like Dysuria (Painful urination), Blood comes with urine and other obstacles with urination.

How much does a Urologist in Coimbatore charge?

Many urologists are practicing with their own urology centers and private clinics. Likewise, they provide treatment in a multispecialty clinic and hospitals. The treatment cost varies as per their practice and treatments. In general, the consultation fees of a Urologist in Coimbatore ranges between Rs.300 to 800.

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